Our frames are made to resist damage through high impact polycarbonate material. We specifically designed these to make them durable yet affordable stylish. The minimalist frame design for our eyewear allows flexibility with a sleek outlook.


Sprinto brings technology in style. Here’s what we highlight when we create our eyewear:


Our lenses our optimally coating to increase light transmission to prevent eye strain.

Double Injection

We utilize double injection (2K molding) in manufacturing our frames to make them extra durable yet lightweight.


Our high impact carbon fiber frames allow ultra resistance against wear-and-tear.


Sprinto eyewear can be used with any style for any function without breaking.

Heat Resistant

Fireblend from our sprinto eyewear collection is made to withstand tolerable amounts of heat and prevent skin reactions, and still look sleek.

High Contrast

Our lenses are polarized to utilize high contrast and protect you from glare.


Our 2K molds allows for lightweight frames, easing comfort and style with eyewear.

Auto Lock

Anchortech allows for auto lock hinges making it easier to store your sunglasses on the go.


Our nickel-free, hypoallergenic frames are made to prevent allergic reactions with eyeglass frames.

Ultra Flex

Watch them fold and unfold without breaking - perfect for people on the go


Sprinto eyewear can float on water. Best for water lovers.

High Impact

Sprinto eyewear is the only extra durable with high impact material. No other eyewear is created to endure damage like Sprinto.

Blue Block

Blue lens eye injury is common among gadget users. But Sprinto makes sure you don’t have to worry about it. Our lenses have blue block technology to eliminate blue light.


Sprinto technology embodies versatility. Our lenses are interchangeable to allow for lens change for different functions and activities.

Prescription Insert

Prescription lenses can be inserted in our Sprinto collection so you don’t have to carry more than one eyewear.

Water Repellent

Protected against water damage. Lens and frames remain intact.


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