High Contrast

Polarized lens which eliminates glare for day and night use.

High Impact

Polycarbonate material which is 10x stronger than plastic.

Blue Block

Blue light filter coating on lens which eliminates harmful rays from smartphone, tablet, laptop, and the likes.

Water Repellent

Hydrophobic lens which prevents water droplets from sticking to the lens.

Night Driving

Amber or Yellow tints on lens which increases visual acuity during hazy conditions.


Multi-lens system which allows the user to tailor eye protection per activity.

Heat Resistant

Silicone material which prevents skin reaction from the heat of the sun.

Prescription Insert

Prescription lens inserted behind the sun lens.

Auto Lock

Hinge that automatically locks in close position to prevent them from falling.


Polycarbonate material that is processed to weigh approximately 30% less than the average polycarbonate frames to make it float on water.

Ultra Flex

Memory Metal material which allows it to auto-return to their original form when bent.

Military Grade

Carbon Fiber is considered the lightest and toughest material which has been used in different military applications such a aircrafts and protective gears.


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